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Everything Bags inc



Neha Kochar






Everything Bags Inc.


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Farmington CT


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Everything Bags Inc. in owned by Neha, a wife and a mother. Neha wanted to develop a company that spoke to what’s most important to her - social responsibility in protecting the environment along with preserving her family heritage. Our bags are made up of Jute/Burlap which is grown mostly in Neha’s home country India. At Everything Bags Inc, we offer reusable and vegan custom bags for shopping, gifting, corporate events and more! With our wide range of jute bags, we aim to create a movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle by changing the way the world uses bags every day. Our dream is to help the environment through our biodegradable and naturally organic jute bags. A simple shift in how consumers think about bags can lead to a profound impact on the environment for generations to come. Although our bags have a serious mission, the designs and colors of our eco-friendly bags are playful and fun. Based in Farmington, Connecticut, we are a local business invested in the well being of our community and its future. Join us in this fight for a plastic-free sustainable living!


Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2019, eg., key team members added, revenue level achieved, major sales made or endorsements received, successful exit, etc... (<500 characters)

We launched our e-commerce section of our website in the last quarter of 2019 and got good response in that quarter. We received endorsement from WNPR host Colin McEnroe on his December 27, 2019 talk show at 48:30. The link to the show is -> https://www.wnpr.org/post/last-nose-2019-total-catsastrophe-not-unlike-headline?fbclid=IwAR2cIRsTD32l5hyoUvJEZEpxBJ25LG0TksqEwXimmyvP5gnSObOyOoFeExk Everything Bags Inc have also been recognized as an eco-friendly expert by national realty Redfin, and we were featured in their blog https://www.redfin.com/blog/eco-friendly-home-2020/


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What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources (spaces, programs, events, schools, etc.) have helped you succeed? (<500 characters)

Family, friends, my team and community have been instrumental in our launch and where I am today. My family and friends have been there to guide me, pick me when I fell, always had positive things to say and come up with great ideas on how to keep moving forward. The online community I have been part of, have been wonderful resource in teaching me how to connect with people, build relationships and opened me to completely new world of digital media.


What people are saying about Everything Bags inc ...

 it’s a Eco friendly burlap bags company. It’s a new concept. They are selling wide varieties of vegan bags, which are sustainable and also you can customize it according to your need.  


 Promoting nature related bags to reduce plastic bags and save environment  






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