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City of New Britain


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The City of New Britain was incorporated as a City in 1871 and currently has a diverse population of 73,000 residents. As Mayor, I oversee all City departments and a $250 million annual budget.


How are you engaged/involved in supporting/advocating for the CT entrepreneur ecosystem? (<500 characters)

The City of New Britain prides itself on being a welcoming place for residents and businesses to thrive. During my tenure as Mayor, more than 40 new businesses have opened up or relocated to New Britain, bringing with them more than 700 new jobs. The City of New Britain offers an "Economic Toolbox" document to all new business inquiries to help them navigate the support systems that we offer.


What improved in the CT entrepreneur ecosystem due to your involvement/advocacy in 2019? (<500 characters)

Many significant developments got underway, including the new $1 billion Energy and Innovation Park on the site of former Stanley Works buildings. This development will become New Britain's largest taxpayer overnight and will become a hub of innovation and clean energy right here in Central Connecticut.


What people are saying about Erin Stewart ...

 Erin Stewart, mayor of New Britain, is one of the youngest mayors in the country (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_youngest_mayors_in_the_United_States). Since taking office in 2013, she has invigorated the city of New Britain economically. In 2019, she held ribbon cutting ceremonies at dozens of new businesses, and businesses that expanded in the city. Notable accomplishments include the ground-breaking of a $1 Billion dollar Energy Innovation Park and Data center and the expansion of Polymer Precision who purchased the remaining 27 acres in the Pinnacle Business Park (which will bring an estimated 600 new jobs to the city). Under Mayor Stewart’s leadership, the town demolished several blighted buildings and implemented programs that ended chronic family homelessness. She championed the “Bees Across New Britain” art project which has helped draw patrons to key downtown locations. As a result of the above, the city’s grand list grew for the fifth year in a row which is a sign of tremendous economic development.  

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