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Engagement Solutions


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Old Lyme, CT


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Engagement Solutions is a software platform providing streamlined communications for health, social service providers and their clients. Our platform connects clients and providers via a cloud-based, mobile friendly platform. Clients can remain in control of their secure data and documents, and share it easily to those programs which they choose to enroll, all from their phone or mobile device. The platform features multiple languages and accessibility features to ease communication barriers.


Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2019, eg., key team members added, revenue level achieved, major sales made or endorsements received, successful exit, etc... (<500 characters)

In 2019, we added five members to our advisory board, raised award and grant money to match our bootstrap investment, participated in two accelerator programs to foster our growth, and created a clear vision for our MVP. Additionally, we received the following awards: reSET, Hartford, CT May 2019 - Flight night Judges Favorite Business June 2019 - 2nd place overall, Impact Accelerator Venture Showcase Middletown COLLISION July 2019 - 2nd Place Overall Health vs. Education Event October 2019 - 3rd Place All Star Event CTNext October 2019 - Entrepreneur Innovation Award Winner


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What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources (spaces, programs, events, schools, etc.) have helped you succeed? (<500 characters)

We owe much of our 2019 success to the support of: reSET, Social Enterprise Trust in Hartford 2019 Impact Accelerator program Xcellr8 at NERAC in Tolland CT Small Business Development Center, Denise Whitford, Small Business Advisor UCONN School of Business Verge Consultants, Graduate Summer Internship Program Accelerate UCONN Fall 2019 COLLISION pitch events, sponsored by the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce MEWS program CTNEXT- EIA Award program and start up coaching


What people are saying about Engagement Solutions...

 Engagement solutions was founded by Shay Cantner out of neccessity to make social services easier to navigate for many people who use these services daily in our state. The technology they are creating would streamline case management and store details of services from different providers in one place for clients who need many different wrap-around services.  

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