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WORK_SPACE is just one part of the Town of Manchester's investment in Downtown. As a coworking and meeting center we host over 40 professionals, 2 dozen business, 300 hrs of meetings and 600 visitors every month. We have 3 art galleries showcasing the work of mostly CT artists, 6 affordable media-equipped venues for meetings, conferences and workshops, 12 private offices for entrepreneurs and small business teams and collaborative workspace where resources, ideas, and positive energy is shared.


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Members and other entrepreneurs can visit WORK_SPACE and meet with a Business Advisor from the CT Small Business Development Center and an Economic Development Specialist for the Town of Manchester. For no fee, they receive information and contacts related to business, real estate, and funding opportunities. Through the Downtown 2020 initiative, small businesses can benefit from infrastructure improvements, tax relief, and no interest loans for code improvement projects.


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In addition to supporting entrepreneurs building traditional businesses and innovative start-ups, WORK_SPACE and other Downtown organizations generate opportunities for artists to create, showcase, teach, and sell their work. As entrepreneurs, artists benefit from a growing community of peers who recognize the value of art, aesthetics, design, and storytelling in business success. WORK_SPACE features a rotating display of paintings and drawings, sculpted wood and metal art pieces, designer garments and crafts, and soon augmented reality art.


What people are saying about Downtown 2020...

 "Downtown 2020" is a current two-year initiative aimed at increasing vibrancy and economic opportunity Downtown through incentivizing transformational private development, lowering special district taxes and achieving key public improvements. The No-Interest Loan Program, Tax Relief offerings, and the prioritizing of certain Capital Projects, create viable pathways for small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.  

Stacey Zackin





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