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David Pearlstone






DICOM Director, LLC


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New Haven


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We are a software development company, focused in the area of advanced medical imaging. Our system creates fully three-dimensional holographic images from any CT or MRI scan for clinicians to use in surgical planning, surgical guidance and patient education.


Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2019, eg., key team members added, revenue level achieved, major sales made or endorsements received, successful exit, etc... (<500 characters)

2019 was a banner year for us. We added two two new board members : Dr. Catherine Everrett, MD MBA, bringing expertise in clinical radiology and Jim Champagne, bringing deep experience in enterprise-level radiology services. We have established key relationships with opinion leaders and academic enters for not only product placement, but collaborative development, including Yale University, Northwell Health, Nuvance, Stamford Health, Allegheny Health System and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical center among others. We completed our first major customer contract just recently. We have had a presence at major trade shows, including HIMSS, RSNA and ArabHealth wich has generated tremendous national and global awareness of our products.


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What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources (spaces, programs, events, schools, etc.) have helped you succeed? (<500 characters)

Our office is in Drive at District in New Haven, the center of the entrepreneur universe in our area! We have been honored in receiving at CT Biopipeline grant in 2019, as well as utilizing the Technology Talent Bridge program in hiring interns. The CT STEP grant program has generously supported our presence at the ArabHealth show in Dubai. We continue to be active supporters within the CT entrepreneur ecosystem, with involvement in teaching at the Holiburton school, participating in panel discussions in a variety of settings and participating in many of the Meet-Up groups.


What people are saying about DICOM Director ...

 DICOM Director is a next generation radiology management system. This New Haven based, biotech startup, enables hospitals, radiologists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals to securely and instantly transfer studies and scans through the cloud. With a front end viewer in the HoloLens, users can create 3D models automatically from patient scans, allowing patients to better understand their unique pathology and empowering surgeons with better surgery planning tools. End-to-end automation, including modality work list, share and transfer functions and model creation, eases the work of radiologists allowing them to focus on the patient. The CEO is David B Pealstone, MD, MBA, brings 20 years experience in clinical surgical oncology with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital  

Amy Bailey

 DICOM Director represents a dramatic breakthrough in medical imaging. The technology allows any CT or MRI scan to be converted into a fully-formed three-dimensional holographic image. The images can be viewed on any number of devices, including a smart phone, tablet or laptop, but are best visualized using an Augmented Reality or Virtual Rea;ity headset device. This development will fundamentally change the way physicians evaluate, plan and actually perform surgeries.  

Christopher Rose





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