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Dani Scott



Co-Owner & Co-Founder



Connecticut Film Initiative, LLC & Film for Therapy, INC.





Tell us about your community-building activities in 2019 (<500 characters)

Helped to co-create the first film therapy movement called Film for Therapy (FFT). Assisted in developing this movement into a nonprofit organization to help bridge the gap between filmmakers and our local communities and organizations. The goal is to help facilitate lucrative job opportunities for filmmakers while working with local non-profits in our state and their members to become involved in the film-making creative process. The result is a powerful and innovative film piece that carries the voice of the organizations we collaborate with that advocate for social change. In addition, the non-profits are left with a lucrative film piece they can use to help them reach larger audiences to promote their cause.


What community-building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2019? (<500 characters)

The biggest milestone was working with our first Film for Therapy recipient Ana Gopoian; Founder and Executive Director of Tricircle INC. Her non profit organization is aimed at launching a three phase program that focuses on long term recovery for individuals suffering from the disease of addiction. Furthermore, TriCircle's hope and support groups currently welcome families, loved ones and those suffering from the disease of addiction. Working with Ana and TriCircle members was an incredibly gratifying experience for all involved. The filmmaking process is incredibly intimate, having to spend hours on set in a small space working towards the creation of a film piece. Including individuals from TriCircle's community participating in the docu-style PSA gave the individuals who lost their battle to the disease a voice, an awareness of the holes in our current addiction recovery system and eliminate the stigma that surrounds this disease. As the opiod crisis hits so close to home for millions of individuals and loved ones, this piece was a way to give a voice to our community and give TriCircle a reaching launch in their plans to launch their unique and imminent three-phase program for addiction recovery. Once completed, this docu-style PSA titled, "Together WE are Stronger" made a Facebook debut and overnight hit a viral 2K views. This proved that Film for Therapy is a movement that can make a positive impact on our local nonprofits advocating for change, but also give its members a therapeutic creative outlet that can be put towards growing the mission of organizations like TriCircle INC.


What people are saying about Dani Scott ...

 Dani has shown the utmost level of passion for her field of business and art, and has been an ideal partner in organizing the logistics our CT Film Initiative, as well as hitting the ground running to enthusiastically kick-start the launch events of our Film For Therapy Non-Profit organization. She displays consistent strong points that balance and enhance my own. Her ability to create a presence in our CT community and beyond, has allowed us to provide further opportunities for economic development in the world of the performing arts. Without her drive and heart, we would not be in the position that we are today- creating social awareness through the healing art of film. I am tremendously grateful to call her my partner and friend, and I will continue to be amazed by her ability to both connect and uplift both our creative and social communities.  

Christina Sciongay





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