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Michelle Riordan-Nold



Executive Director



CTData Collaborative (ctdata.org)





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The Connecticut Data Collaborative (CTData) teaches residents and organizations to make good decisions with data because we believe that data is for everybody - all people have the ability to learn essential data literacy skills to make data-informed decisions and contribute to a healthy democracy. CTData empowers an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public data and building data literacy, which we define as “the ability to systematically and ethically ask and answer real-world questions with data.” At CTData, we build data capacity of organizations and individuals through our statewide data convenings, data literacy workshops, customized data consultations, online visualizations, data storytelling, and operating a data helpline to assist data users with obtaining, displaying, interpreting, and using data. CTData is a non-profit social enterprise.


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Through our data training workshops, convenings, and consulting services, CTData helps entrepreneurs, independent consultants, and organizations measure and tell their story with data. Our workshops cater to a variety of levels from novice to experienced data users. We also train new Infosys business analysts on using public data for market research and how to recognize and reduce biases when working with data. We focus on empowering individuals to consider themselves ‘data people.’


What impact did your program have in 2019? (<500 characters)

In 2019 we held 21 data literacy workshops (including launching 3 new workshops), reaching 337 participants across 63 Connecticut towns. We provided 13, 90-minute data clinic consultations for nonprofits, trained and launched our High School Civic Tech Program to build essential data literacy skills for students, and trained over 100 new Infosys business analysts. Our educational forums and conferences brought together nearly 200 data users across the state to network and learn from each other. We consistently receive positive feedback on our training evaluations. Here's recent feedback from a participant: “These training sessions helped me to understand how to portray data to the community in an effective way. It also helped by teaching me how to communicate complicated data in a simpler way to those who might not understand.”


What people are saying about Connecticut Data Collaborative...

 The Connecticut Data Collaborative, led by Executive Director Michelle Riordan-Nold, is a statewide public-private partnership that advocates for the public availability of open and accessible data, serving nonprofits, advocates, policymakers, community groups, and funders in using data to drive policy and improve programs and services, budgeting and decision making at the state, regional and local levels. As part of CTData’s commitment to increase data literacy and build data capacity across Connecticut, workshops and trainings are offered throughout the year through the CTData Academy. The CTData Academy better enables nonprofits, state and local government, community groups, and organizations to effectively use their own data, open data, and data from other sources, for the purpose of understanding, measuring, advocating, and positively impacting lives. More than 200 data sets are now accessible to the public on the CTData website, including a wide array of subjects and policy categories. CTData has also been designated as the lead organization for the State of Connecticut in the U.S. Census Bureau’s State Data Center Program and as Connecticut’s official source for Census data related to the 2020 Census.  

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