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West Hill High School



Chandan Sarkar



Computer Science Teacher



Westhill High School





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Public high school


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We are building a new computer science academy at our school.


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Our course enrollments in computer science education have grown from 17 students in 2012 to 300 in 2019.


What people are saying about Chandan Sarkar ...

 Chandan Sarkar is a computer science teacher at Westhill High School in Stamford, CT. Mr. Sarkar gave up a lucrative career in technology 8 years ago to become a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in students lives. Recently Mr. Sarkar founded the Computer Science Academy of Westhill (CSAW). The objective of CSAW is to provide an alternative to the traditional math pathway based on problem solving using computer science; to expose more girls and underrepresented students to computer science and to prepare students for major and minors in computer science at the college level. Over the last couple of years, Chandan has worked diligently to get more underrepresented students interested in computer science by encouraging them to explore opportunities outside of the classroom as a way to learn more about the discipline and to help them find their place in computer science.  

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