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West Hartford CT


Tell us about your community-building activities in 2019 (<500 characters)

Brent Robertson is the founder and host of the Hartford-area Sip Sessions, a highly popular, monthly community-based event. As Sip Sessions moderator, Brent fosters the growth of the Sip community through an ongoing program of one-of-a-kind events. As a result, Sip Sessions have become a destination for those who crave guided interchanges of ideas, experiences, and beverages, all in service to provoking our innate ability to create the future we want to live into. Sip Sessions began as an experiment in 2017 to see if there was a population of people who would be interested in having discussions and experiences on the topic of future potential. Specifically, how to have more influence on, and to take more responsibility for, the world we are creating. All attendees of Sip Sessions receive access to an online forum where ongoing dialogue on the hot topics at hand are encouraged, with the goal to foster a sense of community beyond these singular events and into the wider Hartford-area ecosystem. Brent’s involvement in the Connecticut community, through Sip Sessions and a variety of impactful events (Friends Matter Workshop, Be The Voice Of Change Summit, and many others) gifts us access to moments that foster a sense of ownership in us all, so that we all may be full participants in the future we’d like to see, and the outcomes we’d like to encourage, personally, locally, and globally.


What community-building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2019? (<500 characters)

2019 milestones and accomplishments included: • Organized and promoted an entire 12-event Sip Sessions season • Each event was hosted at unique locations throughout Connecticut • Attendees were a balanced mix of fresh-faces and regular attendees • Consistent and growing interest and attendance (with a 80% increase in attendance y/y) • An increase in diversity of those attending • The Sip Sessions program is available for free for everyone • Connecticut Magazine did a feature story on Sip Sessions, and came out to experience one themselves • Regularly listed as one of the “Hot things to do in CT” • Mike Marques, of Arbor Light Studio took the reins as the creative director for the Sip Sessions brand, photography and videos • Beautiful Sip Session recaps are available online complete with stunning photography and videos for each and every 2019 Sip Session • Attracted the interest of SPACES, the co-working space in Blueback Square, who is now the default home of Sip Sessions and Fathom’s new headquarters. This put us in a position to: • Launch a complete 2020 season with three bonus events • Planning a one-day off-site Sip Session Summit in early 2021 • Plans already in the works for launching Sip Sessions in New York City and San Francisco.


What people are saying about Brent Robertson ...

 Brent over the last two years has created Sip Sessions which happen monthly and are guided interchanges of ideas, experiences, and beverages, all in service to provoking our innate ability to create the future we want to live into.  






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