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4th Annual CT Entrepreneur Awards


As we ramp up to the December 1, 2019 nominations opening we're going to be sharing some updates from our past winners. Look for additional winner updates and information on the 2020 awards over the coming weeks



Ellen Su - Wellinks

2017 Venture of the Year, Pre-Revenue

We recently had a chance to catch up with Ellen Su and ask her a few questions about Wellinks progress since being recognized as our first Venture of the Year: Pre-Revenue. Here's what she said.

How has your business progressed since you won the the Venture of the Year: Pre-Revenue award?

We completed our first round of manufacturing, were granted a patent, and started a clinical trial.

What was the impact to you and/or your business, if any, in being named Entrepreneur of the Year?

We received good press and PR that we could cite. This created some inbound interest and useful new connections.

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently while you were developing your business?

I would have done a few more prototyping rounds before jumping into manufacturing and pursued other markets concurrently besides our main focus.

What aspects or resources of the CT entrepreneurial ecosystem have helped your business the most?

CT Innovations, CTNext, connections with Yale University, mentorship opportunities, and connections.

Looking ahead, what are the next major milestones for your business?

To develop more strategic partnerships, find a way to merge, or acquired.

Keep up the great work, Ellen and team!

Learn more about Wellinks at https://www.wellinks.com/



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